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Multi-State MSB Examination Taskforce (MMET)

The Multi-State MSB Examination Taskforce (MMET) is the state representative body charged with coordinating and facilitating multi-state supervision of money services businesses (MSBs).

The MMET Operating Procedures can be found here>>

Charles Cooper, Chair
Texas Department of Banking Commissioner
Email Charles

New York
Wendy Henry
NYS Department of Financial Services
Email Wendy

Rick Posey, Vice Chair

Bob Venchiarutti
CA Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Email Rick

Cassie Radcliffe

Robert Spell
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Email Cassie

Rebecca Arthur

Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
Email Rebecca

Dean Fleer
Tracy Reno
Alaska Division of Banking and Securities
Email Dean

North Carolina
Stephanie R. White
Katherine Bosken
NC Office of the
Commissioner of Banks
Email Stephanie

Craig Kaiser
Ingrid White

Ohio Division of Financial Institutions
Email Craig
Nicole Chamblee
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
Email Nicole
Jesse Saucillo
Texas Department of Banking
Email Jesse
Adam Johnson
Washington DFI – Division of Consumer Services
Email Adam

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MMET annual reports will no longer be issued separately.  See, annual reports.

The 2016 Annual Report can be found here>>

The 2015 Annual Report can be found here>>

The 2014 Annual Report can be found here>>

The 2013 Annual Report can be found here>>

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